Your Guide To Buying Women Clogs


Clogs can be characterized by open heels, closed toes, and wooden soles. However, times have really changed, and now they are regarded as any shoe with a platform heel, open heels, thick soles, and closed toes. Clogs and mules are usually confused as they are interchangeable. The main difference is that mules can have any form of heel including stilettos. You can find some clogs that have closed heels. Such types are meant for women in various professions, that must be on the feet throughout the day like in the medical field.

Clogs were very popular in the 1970s. However, the recent appearance in top fashion magazines has brought this trend back again. The good thing about them is that they add volume and attitude to an outfit.

The fact thatt2g3wed6cy237eu289i2 they are bulkier makes them stand out and get noticed instead of being tucked away. Moreover, they are quite versatile as they can be worn in any given season. Other than being warm during the winter, they match well with a perfect summer dress. In this guide, you will learn how to find the right clogs that fit properly.

Sizing clogs

As said clogs have no strap and an open heel. It is necessary to choose that fit correctly. If they are very small, your heels will hang out over the edge. If they are large, your feet may be moving around too much, and you can slip off easily. Finding the right size for you is necessary.

Selecting clogs

Clogs are simply straightforward shoes. However, there are variations in styles and materials. They are various types of clogs you can choose depending on the type of wearer you want to try. The following are some styles that clog fit.


Dressy clogs can range in between dressy and casual. Even with nice materials, these clogs are clunky making them difficult in dressing up.


There are ctg23ed6cy3w7edui2asual clogs that are available in a variety of materials and varieties. These can be worn around your home or when going to semi-casual occasions. The majority of them look great with a dress or skirt.


These are not meant to be worn as your business attire, but they are meant for working professionals that are on always on their feet all day.


There are modern wooden clogs that have a wood console and a different material attached to it.